Web Design & Development

I now offer website design and development.
As an independent business/sole trader, 
a decent 'shop window' for your services is absolutely vital.

As Google's 'rules' now prioritise targeting mobile devices, 
the criteria for a high performing website is somewhat 
different to what it has previously been.

A simple 'static' website is now far more likely to rank highly on Google 
and other search engines, than a bloated CMS driven, all singing, all dancing
website offering far more than is actually needed.

This website has been re-coded by hand, using html5 and bootstrap CSS
to 'score' highly in Google's assessment, whilst delivering 
a responsive site across multiple devices. 

I can also create traditional CMS based sites, blog sites, ecommerce sites, 
etc. depending on your requirements.

The design and creation of a 'static' site, suitable for something that 
doesn't require frequent updates, though can include a 'news' or
blog element, may be considerably cheaper than you expect.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and receive 
a no obligation quote, please use our contact form