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Intimacy Photography in West Kirby, Wirral, Cheshire, North Wales

What on earth is an Intimacy Photoshoot?

Put simply, it is a session, for an individual, or a couple together, that 
showcases 'Intimacy'. It is something that has become very
'Trendy' in the USA but is also now becoming popular in the 
UK as well. These sessions are very much just for you, or something
for you to treasure as a couple, or to look back on fondly 
in the future. They aren't for everyone, but it might be something
that is of interest to you. 

Whilst being 'intimate' for the camera might involve a certain amount
of sexiness, flesh on display, or even more, it can also involve 
sweetness, calmness, love and affection. It can show you at your
most confident, but it might also show you at your most vulnerable.

It may show you a side of yourself that you didn't know you had, or
that you can look confident, sexy, empowered, in a way you
can't believe.

As for our Boudoir sessions, this will start with a consultation, ahead of 
any session, to learn what it is you are hoping to get from the shoot, 
what sort of styling and any other ideas you are thinking of.
We can also, of course, answer any questions you might have before
you even book a session.

The results of the shoot are provided via one of the most secure, safe
and private online gallery systems used by the industry, not visible to 
anyone else without your express permission, can't be found by searching
the web, and protected by several layers of security and password protected. 

The images shown here are taken with professional models, and 
are NOT client images, which are always kept private.

Again, as for our boudoir sessions, this would typically take place at your
own home, but a suitable alternative location, a posh Hotel room, or Airbnb,
would also be possible.

Use our contact form to ask any questions or our booking form to book a session.