Some examples of Stuart's Work

This is just a very, very small example of Stuart's Photography.
All images on this site are also cropped to square
format for web optimisation purposes.

Check back now and again as the images displayed will
be refreshed from time to time.  

A beauty headshot photograph
A redhaired girl wearing a yellow Victorian ballgown in a Queen Anne manor house
A High fashion headshot photograph
A redhaired girl with tattoos, portrait photograph
A low key high fashion photograph of a girl wearing a black jacket and black hat against a black background
A cosplayer wearing a steampunk outfit in a manor house
Sunrise over a frosty lakeside
High concept photograph, girl in white makeup in a milk bath
A model wearing a 60s dress in a pop fashion photograph
Close up of a Barn owl in flight
The Satin Dollz pinup troupe in front of the Tower of London
a selection of cocktails on a bar, food photography
A model in gold bodypaint in a Egyptian themed photoshoot
fan dance, a beautiful burlesque dancer
A long legged girl posing in a short dress outdoors, vintage style pinup
A burlesque fairy crouching outside
fashion model twirling in a colourful dress, high fashion editorial photography
A model posing amongst some lavender
A fashion model posing in front of the Eifel Tower, Paris
A blonde model in a black dress posing outside, high fashion, editorial
Louis Spence posing in front of a Theatre advert
4 Pinup girls from the Satin Dollz
A man leaning over a girl on a bed, high fashion editorial, vogue magazine
a soft boudoir photo showing a blonde reclining in front of a large window, soft light