Headshots, Portfolios, Commercial,
Pinup, Cosplay & Boudoir Photography
 in West Kirby, The Wirral & Surrounding areas

A vintage style pinup girl reclining on the grass in Hyde Park
One of the Satin Dollz getting a promo photograph
A girt wearing a 1920s style outfit sat at a bar, vintage, commercial photography
A long legged pinup wearing heels reclining on a bed

Pinup photography in West Kirby, Wirral

Stuart is well known for his vintage/retro inspired pin up photography, having 
having created Pinupzania in 2012. His pinup photography has been widely published
in numerous publications featuring the genre, such as Vintage Life Magazine.

Vintage or retro inspired pin up covers a wide range of styles, from fashion to 
'cheesecake' (think the classic Gil Elvgren shots) to glamour and covers eras
from the 1920s through to the 1970s.

Though many pinup aficionados are well versed in doing their own
hair and make-up, if you are new to the genre, you might
want a hair stylist and make-up artist and even a stylist to 
provide a suitable outfit, for a full glamourous pinup
experience.  We don't currently provide this but can 
certainly make some recommendations and help you find
someone suitable.

Depending on the number of images you require and length of session, one
of our standard sessions may suffice, otherwise we can provide a no
obligation quote to exactly meet your requirements.

Use our contact form to ask any questions or our booking form to book a session.

One of the Satin Dollz pinup troupe posing at a bar in Lolas, The Hippodrome
boudoir, vintage style pin up photo
A long legged girl posing in a short dress outdoors, vintage style pinup
Three of the Satin Dollz, pinup singers